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Join your classmates May 1-3, 2015

Please click on each photo to learn more information about your reunion.


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Driving Directions to Campus

From the Richmond Airport and points west:

  • Interstate 64 East
  • Exit 234 to the right (199 East)
  • Travel 8 miles, then turn left down Jamestown Road

From the Norfolk Airport and points east:

  • Interstate 64 West
  • Exit 242-A (199 West)
  • Travel 5.2 miles, then turn right down Jamestown Road

For more information and additional maps, visit the Directions to Campus page at the William & Mary website.

Driving Directions to the home of Howard and Mary Busbee

Directions to the home of Howard and Mary Busbee – The Busbees’ home is at 721 College Terrace in Williamsburg, on the corner of College Terrace and Brooks Street, two blocks west of the Alumni House. From College Corner (“Jockey Corner” or “Confusion Corner”) travel west on Richmond Road 6/10 mile and turn left on Dillard Street. Go one block and turn right onto College Terrace. The Busbees’ home is at the end of the block. Even though signs indicate that parking is restricted, arrangements have been made for you to park in the neighborhood.

Driving Directions to the home of Babs Dunaway Bowers

For driving directions to Babs Dunaway Bowers, please visit Google maps here



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As part of your 50th Reunion celebration, the William & Mary Alumni Association will publish an online edition of the Colonial Re-Echo, a yearbook that answers the age-old question, “Where are they now?”

Your classmates will want to know what you’ve been up to, so please take a few minutes to submit your re-echo form online and upload a current photograph if you have one.

If you would like a printed version of the Re-Echo, it may be ordered using the registration form on the 50th Reunion invitation, which will be sent to you in February 2015.



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Hotel accommodations are available at the Williamsburg Lodge and Fairfield Inn and Suites. Special rates are available at these locations as well as other Colonial Williamsburg properties.

Williamsburg Lodge

To make reservations please call 800.261.9530 and use booking code 32128. The price of a Superior room is $189 and the price of a Deluxe room is $209. Reservations can be made Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm.

Fairfield Inn and Suites

To make reservations, please call 757.654.3600 or toll free at 888.236.2427 and use the booking code WMR. The price of a room is $109. To make online reservations, please click here. You have until April 2nd to book at this location.

Parking Information

Parking will be available around the Alumni House for the duration of the reunion weekend. Information about parking near event venues will be available soon. Please check back soon


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Class of ’65 working to super-size our reunion gift!

The extraordinary Class of '65 has exceeded our $15 million fundraising goal, a new W&M class gift record. The $1 million target for the Alumni House expansion also has been exceeded.

Now we need 66 more donors to reach our ambitious participation goal of 50%! If you are one of these special people, please give or pledge today.


Class Gift Progress

Overall Giving: $
Overall Giving Goal: $
Overall Giving Percent: %

Class Project Giving: $
Class Project Giving Goal: $

Class Participation: %
Class Participation Goal: %
Last updated on

Class of 1965 Project: Alumni House Expansion

Artist rendering of the Alumni House expansion

As the sixth oldest alumni association in the nation, the William & Mary Alumni Association is focused on fostering the lifelong relationships and culture of engagement alumni have with their alma mater. By expanding the Alumni House, the Alumni Association will gain the much needed capacity to ensure that members of the class of 1965 and all alumni will have a warm and welcoming environment in which to renew friendships and forge new bonds when they return to their lifelong campus home.

In 1995 there were 53,000 alumni and that number has grown to over 92,500 today. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be 108,500 W&M alumni. Plans call for the addition of new meeting spaces, the largest with a capacity for up to 300 people; a business center; gathering spaces for visiting alumni; a catering area; and a new entrance with an expanded reception area to better accommodate our growing alumni body. A dedicated room will feature William & Mary’s history and a display of memorabilia. The Alumni House also will support expanded programing for alumni, students and the William & Mary community. With new and larger spaces, the Alumni House will be a key location for starting the lifelong engagement with students while they are still on campus. The Alumni House will serve as the western gateway to campus and as a visible statement of the importance of alumni to the College.

Current plans estimate the cost of the project to be $8 million. In addition, the Alumni Association is seeking to establish a $2 million building maintenance endowment that will ensure the new facility stands in excellent condition to serve the William & Mary’s growing alumni community for the long term.

The Class of 1965 is taking a leadership role in helping to raise funds for the expansion of the Alumni House by designating it as the class’s 50th reunion project. In recognition of our class gift project, a prominent space in the expanded facility will carry the Class of 1965’s name. Please show your support for the expansion of the Alumni House in ways that others will hear the thunder of our chorus – alma mater hail!


Giving Honor Roll

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50th Reunion Gifts & Pledges

  • WRN - Wren Society – Annual gift of $100,000 or more
  • CS - Chancellor's Society – Annual gift of $25,000 or more
  • GG - Green & Gold Society - Annual gift of $10,000 or more
  • PS - President's Society – Annual gift of $5,000 or more
  • FCS - Fourth Century Society – Annual gift of $2,000 or more
  • RBS - Honorable Robert Boyle Legacy Society – Estate plan
  • 30+ - More than 30 years of giving to the College
Donor Giving Society Giving 30+ Years
Leslie Mcaneny Altomonte '65 30+
Quinby James Amory '65
Jesse F. Amos '65 30+
Robert F. Andrialis '65 FCS 30+
Glenda Hudgins Anthony '65
Jay A. Anthony '65, M.B.A. '70
Richard V. Ascoli '65
Kathleen Wiese Astor '65 30+
Linda Mesimer Bailey '65
Melinda Duke Ball '65 30+
Peggy Coddington Barker '65
Elizabeth C. Barret '65 30+
William I. Barton '65 30+
James D. Bassage Jr. ‘65 PS
Jeanne English Bedell '65 30+
Ann Singleton Beebe '65
John P. Bell '65
Janet Beers Bendann '65 30+
Bonnie Burnett Bird '65
Paulette Odom Blankinship ‘65 GG
Scott F. Blankinship ‘65 GG
Ben A. Blanton Jr. '65 30+
Lawrence E. Bolton '65 J.D. '68
Barbara Dunaway Bowers '65 WRN
Mary Kerby Bowman '65
Marion Ostwald Brecht '65 30+
Sue August Bridenstine '65
Ellen Rennolds Brouwer '65
Alan P. Brown '65
Malinda Sproul Brown '65
Patricia Canady Buchanan '65 30+
Penelope Sanders Buck '65
Sally Hardy Burke '65 FCS 30+
Howard J. Busbee '65, J.D. '67, M.L.T. '68 CS,RBS 30+
Trilby Busch '65
Patricia Ward Capps '65
Katharine Anderson Carling '65 30+
Courtney Morton Carter '65 30+
Elizabeth Dunn Casey '65 30+
Brian F. Chabot'65 30+
Susan Roberts Chadd '65 30+
George B. Chappell '65
Diane Rassiga Clark '65
Patricia Davis Cleveland '65
Rebecca Ruffin Collins '65
Elizabeth Gebhart Cottingham ‘65 30+
Suzanne Proudman Cowles '65
Joy Edman Crane '65
Clyde E. Culp III '65 30+
Douglas B. Dann Jr. '65 M.Ed. '70
Nancy Diehl Deems '65
Michael A. Deligiannis '65
Thomas L. Demakes '65 CS 30+
Judy Weismann Dennen '65
Kathleen McGurrin Dunlap '65
Patricia Riley Dunlap '65
George M. Dupuy '65 RBS
Andrew O. Egseth Jr. '65 30+
Barbara Anderson Egseth'65 30+
Joseph J. Ellis '65, L.H.D. '98 GG 30+
W. Maurice Enright '65 M.Ed.'69 30+
Joe Anne Smith Erickson '65
Frederick W. Everett '65
Sarah Bailey Everett '65
Thomas A. Ewig '65 FCS 30+
Laurence W. Fennelly '65
Francis E. Fletcher Jr. '65, J.D. '68 30+
Virginia Blount Fluet '65 RBS 30+
Zandra Wright Franklin '65
Mary B. French '65 30+
John C. Fuller '65 G&G
Margaret Hodges Furr '65 30+
Richard M. Furr Sr. '65
Helen Routh Gaines '65
Robert A. Gaines '65, J.D. '95 CS 30+
Patricia Niccoli Gasch '65
Robert M. Gates '65, L.H.D. '98 CS,RBS
Henry H. George '65 GG, RBS 30+
Sharon Spooner Gray '65 PS,RBS 30+
James L. Greaves '65
Frances Drewry Green '65 30+
Bonnie Cheshire Greenwalt '65 30+
Lynne Marcus Halpin '65
Bridget Sullivan Hampson '65 RBS 30+
Glenmore Hines Harding '65 CS,RBS 30+
Susan B. Hardy '65 RBS
Judith Pollard Harned '65 30+
Arthur P. Henderson Jr. '65
Sara Shafer Hetzler '65
Everett W. Holland Jr. '65 PS
Thomas P. Hollowell '65, J.D. '68, M.L.T. '69 CS, RBS 30+
Priscilla Brown Holman '65
Mary Rowland Holsten '65 PS 30+
Jodi Russell Horton ‘65
Elizabeth A. Hotchkin '65
Ann Cook Howard '65 30+
Joseph L. Howard Jr. '65, J.D. '68 30+
Gretchen Vanderboegh Howell '65
Tracy Debell Hurley '65
Linda Lane Izquierdo '65 FCS 30+
William J. Hurley '65
Mary Erskine Jackson '65
Carol Pierce Jellie '65
Ernest L. Johnson III '65
J. Clifford Johnson Jr. '65 WRN 30+
Anne Barden Kirkup '65 30+
Thomas J. Kirkup III '65 30+
James W. Korman'65 PS 30+
Richard C. Kraemer '65 WRN, RBS 30+
Susan Stevenson Landis 30+
H. Raymond Lankford Jr. '65 30+
Diane Owens Lehner '65 FCS
Mary Kahle LeMat '65 FCS
Dabney Delaney Leonard '65 FCS 30+
Richard K. LeRoy '65 30+
Bernard J. Lieb '65, M.S. '67
Paul J. Lipani '65 30+
Marguerite Furey Maguire '65 FCS 30+
Diane Bright Manning '65
Jane Tuggle Martin '65
Samuel T. Martin Jr. '65 FCS 30+
Dianne Dettmer Maughan '65
Linda Nieder McCarthy '65 PS 30+
Barbara L. McDermott '65
David L. McDonald '65
B. Elise Medinger '65
Barbara Wampler Melby '65 FCS 30+
Pamela Brown Michael '65 FCS, RBS
Bruce C. Miller '65 30+
Marguerite Kelly Morris '65
Martin M. Morris Jr. '65 PS
Janet Neil Morrison '65 FCS 30+
Eugene P. Moser Jr. '65
Penny Plummer Moulis '65
Joan Robinson Munden '65 30+
Eleanor Blair Murphy '65. M.Ed. '73
James M. Murphy '65 CS
Janet Thurman Murphy '65 30+
Linda Groom Murphy ‘65 30+
Byrd Lacy Murray '65
Joseph H. Nash Jr. '65 30+
W. James Noonan '65
Donald R. Olsen '65
Peter G. Olson '65 30+
Donald G. Owens '65, J.D. '71 FCS 30+
Lynn Meushaw Parent '65 FCS 30+
Marcia Anderson Partch '65
Diane Freeman Pollard '65 M.Ed. '68
Michael B. Pratt '65
Sally Wells Quigley ‘65
Dawn Smith Rawls'65
Jean Freeman Reed'65
Linda Cook Renick '65
Mary Ann Dalton Repass '65 30+
Fredrica Dudley Rice '65 RBS 30+
J. Patrick Ricks '65
John C. Riecks '65 M.Ed.'69 FCS 30+
Anne Kabler Robichaux '65 30+
Ruth Lavaille Robinson '65 30+
Frank W. Roebuck II '65
Mary Liz Smith Sadler '65 PS 30+
Margaret Temple Sharman '65
Olive M. Shiers '65
Rebecca Mullins Shipp '65
Melissa Skillen Shull '65
Ann-Meade Baskervill Simpson '65 GG 30+
Randolph Venable Sinisi '65
Elizabeth Grillo Skopik'65
Leslie P. Smith '65, J.D. '71 30+
Edward L. Smoot '65
Michael P. Sopchak Jr. '65 RBS 30+
Richard J. Staron '65
Jean Acker Steele '65
Richard F. Stefanelli '65
J. Thomas Steger '65, J.D. '69 30+
Thomas D. Stieler '65
Martha Leef Stout '65 FCS,RBS 30+
Scott H. Swan'65 30+
Donald B. Swink '65
Malcolm P. Taylor '65
Ruth Garnette Saunders Teass '65 J.D. '68 30+
Luke E. Terry Jr. '65 30+
David F. Thomas '65 30+
Elizabeth Burrows Thompson '65
John L. Trevey Jr. '65 FCS 30+
Tommy E. Vaughan '65 30+
Russell A. Vincent Jr. '65
Sallie Shwiller Vollerin '65 PS 30+
Joyce Hoskins Walk '65, M.Ed.'71
Joan Solinger Walker '65
Katherine Roach Wassink '65 FCS 30+
Carl R. Weber '65
William E. Wehner '65, C.L.U. '70 CS
Jay-Louise Weldon '65 PS 30+
William L. Wellons '65, J.D. '68 FCS 30+
Virginia Whitener '65
Diane E. Wilson '65 30+
Edward K. Wilverding '65
Barbara Hopson Witter '65
Margaret Dixon Woerle '65 PS
William H. Wolfe '65
Lucille Minchin Zaleski '65

Campus Challenge Scoreboard

Greek Groups Percent Participation Campus Challenge Solicitor
Alpha Chi Omega 62%
Chi Omega 59% Dabney Dulaney Leonard
Delta Delta Delta 70% Ginny Blount Fluet
Gamma Phi Beta 72% Bridget Sullivan Hampson
Kappa Alpha 80% Donnie Owens
Kappa Alpha Theta 74% Anne Kabler Robichaux
Kappa Delta 35% Glenne Hines Harding
Kappa Kappa Gamma 56% Barbara Dunaway Bowers
Kappa Sigma 58% Bob Andrialis
Lambda Chi Alpha 36%
Phi Kappa Tau 11%
Phi Mu 40% Randy Venable Sinisi
Pi Beta Phi 76% Micki Leef Stout
Phi Beta Kappa 63% Sharon Spooner Gray
Pi Kappa Alpha 57% Jay Anthony
Pi Lambda Phi 38% Jim Korman
Phi Mu 40% Randy Venable Sinisi
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 10% Clyde Culp
Sigma Chi 50%
Sigma Nu 40% Rich Kraemer
Sigma Phi Epsilon 58% Bill Wehner
Sigma Pi 58% Tom Hollowell
Sigma Pi Sigma - Physics 56% Sharon Spooner Gray
Theta Delta Chi 36% Howard Busbee
Student Activities Percent Participation Campus Challenge Solicitor
Canterbury Club 52% Henry George
Colonial Echo 65% Melinda Duke Ball
Choir & Chorus 67% John Trevey
Dorm Council 68% Kathleen Wiese Little-Astor
Flat Hat 50% Kathie Wiese Little-Astor
Football 80% Scott Swan
Mermettes - Synchronized Swimming Team 65% Margie Kelly Morris
Order of the White Jacket 75% Martin Morris
Orientation Aide 63% Lynne Yerkes Halpin
Student Association 67% Ann-Meade Baskervill Simpson
Society Scabbard & Blade 88% Donnie Owens
Swimming Club 0% Pete Olson
Young Democrats 50% Barbara Wampler Melby

Note: Gift Society memberships will be effective for the 2015-2016 fiscal year and based on cash gifts or pledge payments given this fiscal year.


About the Olde Guarde

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The Olde Guarde of Their Majesties' Royal Colledge in Virginia is comprised of all alumni whose identified class has celebrated its fiftieth reunion and is part of the Alumni Association of the College of William & Mary. They are dedicated to preserving the heritage of the College of advocating its advancement and reputation among the nation's institutions of higher learning.

Through social, service and educational programs they endeavor to promote among our membership the welfare and support of the W&M Alumni Association. They plan activities, events and projects as opportunities for members to assist in enhancing the life of our alma mater.

Each year the Olde Guarde hosts a variety of activities from the Olde Guarde Celebration (celebrating 55th, 60th, 65th, 70th and 75th reunions), Olde Guarde Day (an annual gathering for all members) as well as an Olde Guarde Luncheon during Homecoming and a float in the homecoming parade. If you have any questions or want to learn more, please visit the Olde Guarde facebook page here or email the Office of Alumni Events at alumni.events@wm.edu

For more information about the Olde Guarde events that will happen immediately after 50th Reunion weekend, please visit our Events page here.


Honorary Reunion Committee Chair

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  • Chancellor Robert M. Gates

Reunion Committee Chair

65 committee
Click photo to view larger.

Reunion Committee Co-Chairs

Reunion Committee Members


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To register and pricing for the weekend of a lifetime, please visit the registration page on the W&M Alumni website.


Reunion of a Lifetime Events

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Plan to come back home to spend time with old friends, make some new ones, and rekindle your love for your alma mater. Do not miss this special opportunity, one that is impossible to describe - the reunion of a lifetime!

Friday, May 1

alumni house

Reconnect with classmates

1 - 3 p.m.
Registration and Barbecue picnic
Alumni House Lawn
3 - 5:00 p.m.
Academic Symposium
Tidewater Rooms, Sadler Center
6 - 8 p.m.
Welcome Reception
Wren Building

On Friday from 1-3 p.m. we will register and enjoy a barbecue picnic luncheon on the front lawn of the Alumni House. Following lunch, the afternoon gives way to Academic Symposiums which will allow attendees the opportunity to learn about new and innovative teaching at William & Mary. Friday evening we will gather for a Welcome Reception at our beloved Wren Building to rekindle old friendships and make new ones.

Saturday, May 2

alumni house

Enjoy an event filled day

8 - 10:30 a.m.
Saturday Breakfast and Student Panel
Sadler Center
10:45 - 11:45 a.m.
Guided Bus Tour of the Campus
leaves from Sadler Center
12 - 2 p.m.
Gift Presentation Luncheon with President Reveley
Trinkle Hall
2 - 5 p.m.
Free Time
5 p.m.
50th Reunion Cocktail Reception
Raymond A. Mason School of Business
6:30 p.m.
50th Reunion Dinner and Dancing
Raymond A. Mason School of Business

Saturday will begin at 8 a.m. with a full breakfast in Sadler Center, followed by a student panel. The students will talk about life on campus today and ask us about life on campus during the 60's. After the student panel, buses will wind through the old and new campus giving participants a view of the transformation of the College over the past five decades. The tour will end at Trinkle Hall where a gourmet lunch will be served at noon. During lunch the class will unveil its gift to the College and present the check to President W. Taylor Reveley III.

Saturday evening will be filled with dinner, drinks and dancing. We will gather in the grand foyer of the spectacular Raymond A. Mason School of Business where we will enjoy the beauty of the one of the newer buildings on campus while sipping on one of your favorite drinks and mingling with friends. After the reception we will dine in the lovely Brinkley Commons Room before celebrating the night while dancing to the sounds of the Mystic Soul Bubba's, a popular Virginia band specializing in music from the 60's and 70's.

Sunday, May 3

alumni house

Caps and Gowns - Inductions and Remembrance

8 - 9 a.m.
Coffee and Bagels
Alumni House
9:30 - 11 a.m.
Olde Guarde Induction and Service of Remembrance
Wren Yard
At the home of Babs Dunaway Bowers
5 p.m.
Closing Cocktail Party
At the home of Howard Busbee
6:30 p.m.
Olde Guarde Celebration Dinner
School of Education

As they say, you save the best for last and our last day will begin in the morning collecting caps and gowns at the Alumni House before boarding buses to the Wren Yard. There, you will process into the Yard as a class while remembering your graduation day. On the occasion of your 50th Reunion you will be inducted into The Olde Guarde of Their Majesties' Royall Colledge in Virginia and honor classmates in a service of remembrance. Beneath the trees and surrounded by the beauty of the Wren Building you will be transported back to the days you walked this campus every day. This special experience is sure to be the highlight of this weekend.

After a class photo in the courtyard, you are invited to travel to the home of Babs Dunaway Bowers for an afternoon luncheon. Sunday evening we will gather once again to raise a toast to one another and our beloved college at the home of Howard Busbee. This cocktail hour will be the end of our 50th Reunion and the beginning of the journey into The Olde Guarde.

Members of the Class of 1965 and guests are encouraged to join those who graduated 55, 60, 65 and 70 years ago at the Olde Guarde Celebration Dinner at the School of Education.

For driving directions to the home of Babs Dunaway Bowers and the home of Howard Busbee, please visit our Directions page here.

Monday, May 4


Olde Guarde Day

10 - 11 a.m.
Guest Speaker
Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium
11 a.m. - Noon
Bloody Mary Reception
Sadler Center, Tidewater Rooms
Sadler Center, Chesapeake Rooms

Monday will begin with a guest speaker from the College's administration. Learn more about the campus and the topics that are alive and innovative. From 11 – noon enjoy a Bloody Mary Reception and catch up with fellow alumni who graduated before you. Over lunch you will gather with more than 200 members of the Olde Guarde as President Reveley gives a state of the College to the audience.

All events, times and locations are subject to change


Who's Coming

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Note: If you recently registered and don't see your name here yet, check back in a few hours. The list is updated approximately every 6 hours.

Leslie Mcaneny Altomonte ’651965 '65
Glenda Hudgins Anthony ’651965 '65
Jay A. Anthony ’651965 '65
Janet Beers Bendann ’651965 '65
Barbara Dunaway Bowers ’651965 '65
Michael J. Bowers
Howard J. Busbee ’651965 '65
Mary W. Busbee ’032003 '03
Trilby Busch ’651965 '65
Katharine Anderson Carling ’651965 '65
James Richard Carling ’641964 '64
Elizabeth Dunn Casey ’651965 '65
Robert E. Casey
Susan Roberts Chadd ’651965 '65
Charles M. Chadd
Patricia Davis Cleveland ’651965 '65
Rebecca Ruffin Collins ’651965 '65
Elizabeth Gebhart Cottingham ’651965 '65
Suzanne Proudman Cowles ’651965 '65
Carter Cunningham Cowles ’581958 '58
Kathryn Power Fallis ’651965 '65
Stanley R. Fallis
Virginia Blount Fluet ’651965 '65
Joseph E. Fluet
Suzanne Garnett Frayser ’651965 '65
Jean Pierre Thoma
John Dwight Fuller ’651965 '65
Margaret Hodges Furr ’651965 '65
Sharon Spooner Gray ’651965 '65
Frances Drewry Green ’651965 '65
Robert G. Green
Lynne Marcus Halpin ’651965 '65
Bridget Sullivan Hampson ’651965 '65
Harry G. Hampson
Glenmore Hines Harding ’651965 '65
Judith Pollard Harned ’651965 '65
David A. Harned ’621962 '62
Arthur Pearce Henderson ’651965 '65
Nancy Rhodenhizer Henderson ’661966 '66
Thomas P. Hollowell ’651965 '65
Priscilla Brown Holman ’651965 '65
Charles Raymond Holman ’611961 '61
William John Hurley ’651965 '65
Mary R. Hurley
Mary Erskine Jackson ’651965 '65
Celia Curlee Johnson ’651965 '65
James A. Johnson ’661966 '66
John Clifford Johnson ’651965 '65
Mary A. Johnson
Thomas James Kirkup ’651965 '65
Anne Barden Kirkup ’651965 '65
Richard C. Kraemer ’651965 '65
Carole A. Kraemer
Dabney Delaney Leonard ’651965 '65
Ronald R. Leonard
Kathleen Wiese Little-Astor ’651965 '65
Samuel Travis Martin ’651965 '65
Elizabeth D. Martin
Barbara Louise McDermott ’651965 '65
Barbara Wampler Melby ’651965 '65
Pamela Brown Michael ’651965 '65
Robert W. Michael
Marguerite Kelly Morris ’651965 '65
Martin Matthew Morris ’651965 '65
Byrd Lacy Murray ’651965 '65
Joseph H. Nash ’651965 '65
Janis Callaway Nash ’671967 '67
Peter Grant Olson ’651965 '65
Daisy M. Olson
Marcia Anderson Partch ’651965 '65
Harland Bart Partch ’621962 '62
Sally Wells Quigley ’651965 '65
David A. Quigley
Dawn Smith Rawls ’651965 '65
Anne Kabler Robichaux ’651965 '65
Kenneth P. Robichaux
Mary Smith Sadler ’651965 '65
William Samuel Sadler ’641964 '64
Ann-Meade Baskervill Simpson ’651965 '65
Robert Lee Simpson ’631963 '63
Martha Leef Stout ’651965 '65
Elizabeth White Suchar ’651965 '65
Malcolm Palmer Taylor ’651965 '65
Rita N. Taylor
John Lockridge Trevey ’651965 '65
Ednamae H. Trevey
William Edwin Wehner ’651965 '65
Donna Doddson Wehner ’671967 '67
Jay-Louise Weldon ’651965 '65



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Hotel accommodations are available at the Williamsburg Lodge. Special rates are available at this location as well as other Colonial Williamsburg properties.

To make reservations please call 800.261.9530 and use booking code 32128